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Partnering with You

You provide excellent health care and medical services to your patients... patients who also happen to be our customers. In turn, we are here to support your efforts by providing you with premier service - with an extra emphasis on timeliness and quality.

On-Line Servies available 24/7:  Eligibility, benefit verification and claim status inquiries
Register today to access our secure web portal above to recieve on-line eligibility, benefit verification and claim status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- at no cost to you.

Claims Auditing
See what we're doing to make the process better for everyone.

National Provider Identifier Requirements
Learn about the requirements that became effective in May 2008.

Extra Care Notification Program
This free service is designed to assist you with planned or unexpected inpatient hospital stays and possible medical care service needs following hospitalization.

Claim Submission
Find the EDI number needed to submit a claim.

Connecticut Claims Policies and Procedures
If you are a Connecticut provider, please read these claims policies and procedures.

Find a Doctor or Hospital
Locate a preferred provider network, from regionally located networks to national provider networks.

We're Here to Answer Your Call

Our customer service representatives are available to talk with you from 7:30 a.m.
to 5 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday. Please call 1-888-755-3064.