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Freedom to Choose Your Own Doctors

You can choose your own doctors and hospitals. Individual health insurance coverage is provided whether treatment is received inside or outside the network. We do encourage the use of network preferred providers whenever possible to ensure that you receive maximum benefits and cost savings.

Our health insurance plans offer a variety of preferred provider network options, from regionally located networks to national provider networks.

Current policyholder?

You can find the name of your network on your ID card. Select it from the dropdown below to get additional information.

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Want to find out if your provider is part of our preferred networks?

Just enter your 5-digit ZIP code below and click "Submit." A comprehensive list of available networks in your area will appear. To get more information regarding the network, visit their Web site or give them a call.

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Network access availability depends upon the health insurance product that is chosen. Please check with our customer service representatives to verify your network. Some restrictions apply. New networks may be added or changes in preferred provider status may take place, so we suggest that you call the PPO or verify with your provider at the time of scheduling your appointment that he/she is currently a participating provider.

If you currently reside in the state of Wisconsin, please read this notice (PDF) for important information regarding your benefits.