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Specialty Drugs

Specialty drugs are high-cost drugs used to treat complex or rare conditions including but not limited to:

Cancer HIV
Growth Hormone Deficiency Multiple Sclerosis
Hemophilia Psoriasis
Hepatitis C Rheumatoid Arthritis

These drugs are typically self-injected or administered in a doctor’s office or through home health services.

The Specialty Drugs & Medicines list  will provide you with a list of drugs which are considered specialty. Please use this only as a reference as it is subject to your policy limitations and/or exclusions and is subject to change without notice.

Preferred Specialty Pharmacy Provider

Specialty pharmacies specialize in the delivery and clinical management of specialty drugs. American Family Mutual Insurance Company has partnered with CurascriptLeaving website, for your injectable, oral, and inhalant specialty drugs.

See your benefits certificate, coverage manual, or policy for more information about your specialty drug coverage or call Customer Service using the phone number on your ID card.